How to order?

... and we will deliver to you!

  1. Check out our MENU and select what you like ...
    - please note, we are open from 11:30 am till 10:30pm delivery accepted before 9:00 pm.
  2. If you have facebook account:
    - add our page:
    - you can send message on facebook, and can share your location to find you easy ... 
  3. if you do not have facebook account but WeChat, WhatsApp or Line:
    - add us with our number +856 20 22212860
    - you can send message and share your location ...
  4. or just simple call us on +856 20 2221 2860
    - order can be taken in English or Lao, however delivery staff might not speak english, if you order by call, please make sure there is someone speak Lao to help with the direction
  5. ONLINE order and payment (not yet available)
    We are working on to implement online ordering system ... stay tuned :)


Check out our specials too ...
some goodies might not be on the menu always ...


Budapest Bistro
Phonesinuan Rd., Vientiane


Phone: +856 20 2221 2860            
Phone: +856 20 2810 2288